Our topic area

Musical education in English schools.

We were interested in music education and wanted to find out how it is in Great Britain and if it is different from Sweden’s way of teaching the subject. We knew we would have a chance to see lessons and we wanted to write about how it was in the two schools that we visited.

Our main questions

* How do they work with music in school?
* How is music used in other subjects?
* How is music education organised in Great Britain?


The Schools in Sweden have music education in the classes throughout "grundskolan" that is from year one to year nine. The children also get a chance to learn to play an instrument if they want to, the parents pay a small fee and the children can also sometimes rent an instrument cheaply from the school that they can have at home for practice. In some schools in Sweden they have a special music teacher that has the whole school in the subject of music. In schools that doesn't have special music teachers the class teachers have the children in music, but the children still get the opportunity to go the "music school" and play an instrument with a skilled teacher. We were curios about how it was in England if it was the same there or how much it differs.

It is a coming trend in Britain now to use music in the classroom with other subjects. The teacher can play music during the lesson… if he or she wants the children to interact with each other and discuss, he or she could put on different kinds of music to play while the children are talking. This is to break the silence and make the children feel more comfortable and relaxed.